One to One Sessions

Private sessions are perfect for those who want that extra bit of attention/motivation, those who can not attend the group classes or those who do not feel confident within a group yet.
These sessions are perfect for correcting your technique before moving you into the group classes.
If you have highly specific, individualised goals, 1:1 sessions can provide additional guidance to help you achieve these goals.

These sessions can be outdoor or online.

Both Dan and I offer these sessions, however, sessions are limited. Enquire about timings that suit you best.

£15 for 30 mins for 1:1 or £20 for 2 people for 30 mins
£20 for 45 mins for 1:1 or £25 for 2 people for 45 mins
£25 for 1 hour for 1:1 or £30 for 2 people for 1 hour

To book these sessions, please email me as we will need to find a slot that fits in well for both of us.