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At LC Fitness, we pride ourselves on being a friendly community of like-minded people that want to have fun, whilst also developing our physical and mental health. We not only want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we want to see you thrive in life and create a sustainable and healthy mindset. We offer many different fitness classes targeting different types of fitness. These classes are short in time but effective and due to our online service, can always be completed around work schedules.

Kickstart 2023

Kickstart 2023
Kickstart 2023 is the plan to boost your health and wellbeing throughout 2023. You can start this plan on ANY Monday throughout January, although there are some important details, I need from you prior to starting the programme so please give me 4 days notice.

Kickstart 2023 will include:
- Nutritional guidance
- Macro targets with personalised calories guidance
- 2 weekly check ins
- Step challenge to help increase the amount of kcals we burn day to day
- Weekly online group workouts to help keep us motivated and get to know everyone else on your team
You will need to undertake a questionnaire about yourself prior to starting which will include a 2 day food diary.

Feel your confidence, pride and composition transform.

- Workout at your place at your pace
- A hybrid of training styles – so many to choose from both online and outdoor
- 30 min intense sessions for all abilities (each move is broken down into different levels)
- Workouts are for all abilities.
- Minimal equipment needed (none for most classes)

No matter what your size, age, sex or fitness level – we can help! As part of the classes (both online and outdoors) we offer the latest tools to keep you motivated & have a members Facebook group where you can interact with others..
If you are local to the East Midlands, check out our outdoor fitness classes. If you are from further afield, join the online fitness classes with 7 live classes per week as well as hundreds on demand. You can also link fitness trackers to the website so we can make sure you do them, so there’s no excuses to miss a work out! ;)

We offer STUDENT DISCOUNT on all combo bundles.

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Outdoor Fitness Classes

We have many outdoor fitness classes which can easily be modified to provide a great workout for everyone.
To book and find out more information, please see below.
Based in Sutton Bonington and East Leake.
Each session is different but all will provide you with a full body challenge workout.

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Online Fitness Memberships

Online fitness is a budget friendly way of keeping fit from anywhere.
All classes are live and recorded meaning you can join in real time or catch up in your own time.
30 min classes are easy to fit into your day.
No equipment needed for most classes although dumbbells are needed for some.

We offer multiple different memberships starting at £8/month for 2 live classes per week up to £20/month for 7 live classes per week! This helps us to cater for you no matter how often you want to train!!

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Online Free 3 Day Trial

We now offer a 3 day online fitness trial allowing you to trial our flexible fitness classes which allow you to work out anywhere!! The trial is all pre-recorded and you can do the videos as many times as you like at whatever time suits you best!
You will need a space big enough to spin with your arms held wide, a drink of water and a towel/mat to lay on.

Online Class Timetable

The online class timetable will consist of a mixture of:
Cardio Tabata
Cardio Pyramid
Combat HIIT
Ab blast
Body Conditioning
Legs, Bums, Tums
Freestyle Fitness Yoga
To take part in a free class, please click for more information.
Each week our timetable changes and I will update my social media pages every Saturday morning with our new online timetable.

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1:1 or Small Group Fitness Classes

Private sessions are perfect for those who want that extra bit of attention/motivation, those who can not attend the group classes or those who do not feel confident within a group yet.
These sessions are perfect for correcting your technique before moving you into the group classes.
If you have highly specific, individualised goals, 1:1 sessions can provide additional guidance to help you achieve these goals.
These sessions can be outdoor or online. Both Dan and I offer these sessions, however, sessions are limited. Enquire about timings that suit you best.

£15 for 30 mins.
£25 for 1 hour.

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Holistic Health Bundles

LC Fitness offers bespoke 6 week plans. Register your interest as there are multiple start dates.

Our Holistic Health Bundles include:
- Nutritional Analysis and Goals Setting
- Simple, Healthy Recipes
- Workout Plan Suited To Your Lifestyle
- Weekly Check-Ins
- Educational Videos and Posts
- NEAT Analysis and Progression

In addition, we run challenges which help you to stay on track!

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Monthly Step Challenge

Join our monthly step challenge, which is a great way to stay accountable throughout each day.
Everyone steps are tracked on a leadership board that you can synch your fitness trackers to.
This is a great way of tracking your steps and looking back at previous results. Beat your last weeks score!

Update - this is currently not running but is something I will be launching!

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