Holistic Health Bundles

Our Holistic Health Bundles include:
- Nutritional Analysis and Goals Setting over a specific amount of time
- Simple, Healthy Recipes for you to follow easily at home
- Workout Plan Suited To Your Lifestyle taking into account your job, amount of free time and current fitness level.
- Weekly Check-Ins
- NEAT Analysis and Progression

These plans can start whenever you would like them too but there is a lot of planning required so I need at least 1 weeks notice before you would like to start!

Prices start from £7.50 per week if for 6 weeks or £10 per week if for 4 weeks.

Please note - the online/outdoor fitness classes run additionally to these bundles but are often discounted.

If you are considering one of our health bundles, I will need to know:
- age
- sex
- weight
- height
- measurements (waist, hip, thigh, shoulder)
- sleep pattern (hours and consistency through week)
- work pattern
- exercise routine
- a 3 day food diary
- any dietary requirements
- your goals!