About Us

LC Fitness aims to deliver fitness in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. We strive to make each session varied and fun whilst also ensuring people can perform them with minimal equipment.

We cater worldwide with our online fitness classes whilst our outdoor classes are located in the East Midlands (Sutton Bonington, Kegworth & East Leake).

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Our 5 Pillars

Movement – Cross training, mobility, sprint work and technique focusing on progression. LC Fitness designs sessions that encourage you to move body in a myriad of ways.

Accessibility – we equip you with the workouts and for most sessions all we need from you is 30 mins, space and a smile. Some workouts will require weights.

Focus – set your goal, make it clear. You need to be dedicated to creating the best version of you.

Sustainability – we offer long term changes. This is not a quick fix, it is a way of altering your lifestyle to optimise your health and well being.

Nutrition – fueling your body, fueling your workouts. Picking foods and recipes to benefit your training programme and lifestyle.

About Laura

I am a bubbly character with a huge passion for sharing my love of exercise with others. My main aim is to help people who live busy lives, experience a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I firmly believe you can balance a (hectic), successful careers alongside exercise, a balanced diet and healthy relationships.

My aim is to increase the enjoyment people feel during and after participating in exercise. I believe exercise has the ability to empower and motivate us by optimizing our mental health throughout the day. Working as a vet, I understand the importance of routine and balance in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Qualifications -
Level 2 Exercise to music
Freestyle Fitness Yoga
Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence

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About Daniel

My name is Daniel and I love teaching fitness. I like to run and cycle in my free time as well as playing football for my local team. The feel good benefits of exercise encourage me to teach and involve others in exercise as much as possible.

Qualifications -
Bsc Sport and Exercise Science
PGDip in Performance Nutrition
Level 3 Personal Training
Functional Fitness

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