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Workout from your place at your pace!

Our online fitness classes are perfect for those who want to workout but simply can not find the time to do so. In all honesty, I never thought I would enjoy working out from home but following lockdown, I have never looked back. There is no need to spend time driving, to get ready to leave the house or to queue up. You simply workout, that is it!

To checkout our online classes without committing to anything, I have created this free page so you can complete a few of our workouts for free to see if you like them!
I also have a free online 3 day trial which you can join by following the link below.

All workouts are completed at your own risk. If you have any injuries, please discuss participation of exercise with myself (Laura) or your GP.

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Cardio Workout

This 30 min cardio workout is a great full body, high kcal burning, feel good workout!
You need a little bit of space and a drink at the ready. This workout is sure to leave you feeling happy and energetic upon completion with multiple levels given for each move so all abilities can take part!
Please remember that each class is taken at your own risk.

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Core Workout

A low impact core workout. This workout is great for beginners or those wanting to build up core strength and stability. The class lasts around 20 minutes and there are multiple options for each ability level.
You need a mat and some space. If you do not own an exercise mat, a few towels or blankets should do the trick.

All classes are done at your own risk.

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Pump - Weights Needed

This freestyle pump class provides the ultimate burn for some of our major muscle groups. We recommend using between 2kg-5kg weights. Having multiple weights is not essential although it does give you more options to progress as some muscle groups will be stronger than others.
You need: Space, a drink and a mat/towel... and do not forget to smile!
Please remember that you are completing each class at your own risk and you should listen to your body.

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